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Thursday, February 25

8:45am MST

9:00am MST

Art During COVID: Classroom Edition Pre-recorded SessionEmma Wales Inquiring Minds: Learning Beyond the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionKelly Forner • Linda Hut LIVE SESSION: The Power of Play—Engaging Learners of All Ages Live SessionJodie Goruk Transforming Classrooms - Building Emotional Resilience Pre-recorded SessionKelly Maxwell • Rosanna Ruppert LIVE SESSION: Teaching During a Pandemic Live SessionCAPACITY LIMITED!Kristine Wilkinson LIVE SESSION: Indigenous Alberta—The Footsteps of Our Ancestors Live SessionStacey Running Rabbit • Chesare Cardinal LIVE SESSION: Encouraging Youth Civic Engagement Through YPI Live SessionKate Gatto ASEBP Benefit Overview Pre-recorded SessionASEBP Tenjie Wilson Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Pre-recorded SessionASEBP Tenjie Wilson LIVE SESSION: President Schilling: Unplugged Live SessionCAPACITY LIMITED!Jason Schilling Growing Food With Students Pre-recorded SessionDustin Bajer An Activist Music Classroom Pre-recorded SessionKim Friesen Wiens Courage Journey - Puppets Programs Promote Positive Mental Health (Div 1) Pre-recorded SessionW.P. Puppet Theatre Society Courage Journey - Puppets Programs Promote Positive Mental Health (Div 2 ) Pre-recorded SessionW.P. Puppet Theatre Society Teaching Art with No Art Room, No Budget and Lots of Kids Pre-recorded SessionSusan Carter School and Author-Artist Collaborations In the Time of COVID Pre-recorded SessionAlexis Marie Chute Painting with Light: Using Colour Theory to Make Your Sets and Costumes Pop Pre-recorded SessionTravis Hatt Assessment Meets the “New Normal” Pre-recorded SessionMichele Jones Outcomes Based Gradebooks Pre-recorded SessionMark Driedger Reading Comprehension Success Grades 10-12 Pre-recorded SessionBrigitta Goerres - Edu-Best Educational Resources Understanding and Supporting Students with Test Anxiety Pre-recorded SessionMark Driedger Practical Concept-Based Assessment Done Three Ways Pre-recorded SessionDonna Ross Top Ten Things to Consider: Assessment within a Concept-based Curriculum Pre-recorded SessionMichele Jones Opening the Door for Success for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students: Assessment is the Key! Pre-recorded SessionMichele Jones Softening the Edges of Assessment during Uncertain Times Pre-recorded SessionKatie White Des stratégies pour mieux engager les élèves en salle de classe Pre-recorded SessionMegan Sénéchal Succeeding as a Beginning Teacher Pre-recorded SessionDr. Tina Boogren Anxiety Groups for Teens Pre-recorded SessionKimberly Hamilton Anxiety: How to Support Our Youth Pre-recorded SessionKimberly Hamilton Don't Go There: Avoiding Power Struggles Pre-recorded SessionDan St. Romain Grief in the Classroom: How to Support Our Students Pre-recorded SessionKimberly Hamilton Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Pre-recorded SessionAriel Haubrich Teen Sexting, Nudes, and Distribution of Intimate Images Pre-recorded SessionBrandon Laur The Hunger Games: That Kid’s Just Looking for Attention… Pre-recorded SessionAriel Haubrich When Bad Things Happen - What Teachers Can Do To Help Students Pre-recorded SessionKaren Sabourin Managing Perfectionism with Fun Pre-recorded SessionVincent Mireau Basic Electronics and Circuit Fabrication Pre-recorded SessionTom MacIsaac Build Your Own Gaming Library with JavaScript Pre-recorded SessionColin Veldkamp Building a High School Computer Science Program Pre-recorded SessionScott Couprie Cooking with Limitations: Time Constraints in the Foods and Nutrition Middle School Classroom Pre-recorded SessionNatasha Millan CTF Basics of Implementation and Assessment Pre-recorded SessionPaul Bohnert One Recipe - Multiple Outcomes: Foundational Recipes That Can Be Used to Cover Multiple Outcomes Pre-recorded SessionNatasha Millan Using Project Credits in CTS Pre-recorded SessionScott Couprie 180 Days of Awesome- Celebrating Every Day of Education (Even During a Pandemic) Pre-recorded SessionMonica Genta 5 Lifesaving Phrases for Educators Pre-recorded SessionJoe Beckman Anti-Racism 101 Pre-recorded SessionAtif Hirjee • Thomas Reikie Building Teamwork and Collaboration into Your Classroom Pre-recorded SessionTal Thompson Classroom Design: Not Just a Seating Arrangement Pre-recorded SessionLindsaykate Anderson Connected Classroom Pre-recorded SessionPhil Boyte Creating a School No One Wants to Leave Pre-recorded SessionPhil Boyte Cultivating Creativity in Teachers and Students Pre-recorded SessionRick Wormeli Designing Your Classroom Through the Lens of Trauma Pre-recorded SessionIngrid Rust • Dr. Tami Masterson Dialogue in the Classroom and in Your Team: Identifying and Breaking Through Texting Thought and Language Pre-recorded SessionPaul Marlett Engaging and Assessing Students Through Video - Methods, Hardware and Software Pre-recorded SessionPhilip Scott • Christine McKee Fostering Student Connection and Engagement with Flipgrid Pre-recorded SessionChristine McKee Growing Plants in Class! Pre-recorded SessionNathan Bell Happiness Principles Pre-recorded SessionDanny Bateman Livin' Life Large Pre-recorded SessionTyler Hayden Numbers Talk, But So Should the Students...(Gr 7-12) Pre-recorded SessionJane Gannon Oh The Things You Can Draw Pre-recorded SessionGlitter Gals Edu Plants Grown with Lights?! Pre-recorded SessionNathan Bell Reading Comprehension Success Grades 7 - 9 Pre-recorded SessionBrigitta Goerres - Edu-Best Educational Resources Reconnecting to Your Calling: Moving From Teacher Well-being to Being Well as Teachers Pre-recorded SessionEver Active Schools Sponges and warm ups: Maximizing Every Moment Pre-recorded SessionRick Wormeli Staying Sane! Practical Tips for New Teachers Pre-recorded SessionDanny Bateman Summarization Techniques for any Subject Pre-recorded SessionRick Wormeli S’engager à les engager - Maths 1e à 6e Pre-recorded SessionRenée Michaud Teach Skills and Break Habits: Growth Mindsets for Better Behavior in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionDan St. Romain The Greatest (Slides) Show Pre-recorded SessionGlitter Gals Edu Top 12 Elements for New Teachers Pre-recorded SessionRick Wormeli SEL as a Tool to Improve Behavior and Classroom Behavior Pre-recorded SessionTal Thompson Nature as Our Teacher: A Spirit Lifting Adventure Pre-recorded SessionBrian Keating Supervising Parent-Led Home Education Programs Within Your School Division Pre-recorded SessionJudy L Arnall Physical Activity for All Students for Free! Pre-recorded SessionEver Active Schools • Be Fit for Life Network Be There or Be Square: For the Love of Improv-Even When it's Online Pre-recorded SessionLinette J. Smith I Can Do It Myself: Encouraging Independence in our Youngest Learners Pre-recorded SessionDan St. Romain Top Five Tips for Our New Virtual Educational Reality in the Early Childhood Classroom Pre-recorded SessionDan St. Romain Oh the Math That They'll Know! Kindergarten Math Games Pre-recorded SessionJane Felling Celebrating Diversity in French Immersion; New Canadians, Francophones, Bilinguals, Plurilinguals Pre-recorded SessionGwendolyn Shone • Jessica Schultchen Immersion française au Canada - soutien aux familles non francophones Pre-recorded SessionMarylou Gammans Talking to Learn: How Talk Creates an Inclusive and Affirming Classroom Pre-recorded SessionStephanie Dodyk Bougez, observez, parlez ! Des stratégies théâtrales pour encourager le langage parlé. Pre-recorded SessionMarylou Gammans Anxious Kids - Anxious Teachers Pre-recorded SessionDan St. Romain Boost Your Productivity & Life Satisfaction with the Weekly Sunday Review Pre-recorded SessionChristina Marlett Coping During Covid, Naturally! Pre-recorded SessionSusanne Heaton Emotional Intelligence (EQ) In Our Everyday Lives Pre-recorded SessionMaria Dumitrescu Foundations of Investing, Retirement Has Changed: What's Your Next Move? Pre-recorded SessionSteve Tse Get Out of the Ick - Quick! Pre-recorded SessionSuze Casey How Podcasting Became My PD Pre-recorded SessionChristopher Poulsen How to be Happy Pre-recorded SessionDanny Bateman How to Get Happy For No Reason Pre-recorded SessionChristina Marlett How to Get More Energy (Without Caffeine!) Pre-recorded SessionChristina Marlett Kids These Days: ReConnecting all the Disconnections Pre-recorded SessionDr. Jody Carrington Looking Ahead - By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers Pre-recorded SessionGary Sawatzky Mindful Practice Cohort Pre-recorded SessionKim Hertlein Self-Care for Sanity Pre-recorded SessionTina Thrussel Stress, Covid, and Strategies for Your Classroom Pre-recorded SessionAynsley Graham • Justin Lessard Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Balance Pre-recorded SessionAriel Haubrich Teachers These Days: The Most Important Job on the Planet Pre-recorded SessionDr. Jody Carrington The Core Ingredients: Exploring the role of nutrition in schools Pre-recorded SessionAlberta Health Services The Lowdown on the Health Benefits of Canola and Pulses Pre-recorded SessionDebra McLennan • Tara Baycroft Resilience is an Action Word Pre-recorded SessionLevi Stanford The Beauty of Coping (Div 1 & 2) Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Franken The Beauty of Coping (Div 3 & 4) Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Franken Dealing with Grief, Naturally Pre-recorded SessionSusanne Heaton That Big Bad World - Helping Kids Thrive in Anxious Times Pre-recorded SessionDr. Alex Russell The Best Daily Self-Care Practices for Increased Vitality, Overflowing Energy and Sky-High Immunity Pre-recorded SessionChristina Marlett Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety Pre-recorded SessionWade Sorochan Racism & Being an Effective Ally Pre-recorded SessionJesse Lipscombe A Legacy of Caring, Compassion and Character: Why We Must Tell the Story of the Holocaust Pre-recorded SessionDr. Eva Olsson A Snapshot of GSAs, Participation, and Wellness in Edmonton Public and Catholic High Schools Pre-recorded SessionLauren Alston • Maria Di Stasio Anti-Bias Language In and Out of the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionAndi Molloy Belonging: Supporting Our LGBTQ2S+ Students, Staff and Families Pre-recorded SessionTiff Pino Best Practices in Teaching Students with Autism Pre-recorded SessionKeith Hall Building Resiliency Pre-recorded SessionDanny Bateman Building Strong Relationships and Community Through Restorative Practice Pre-recorded SessionCaroline Gosling Differentiated Assessment for English Language Learners Pre-recorded SessionLisa Smith • Stasi Itterman Differentiated Instruction at School and Virtually Pre-recorded SessionTal Thompson English Only Please: Leveraging Home Language in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionLuisa Zimich • Paulina Nowak Get Rid of the Textbook and Get Your Students Engaged! Pre-recorded SessionMegan Sénéchal Healthy Movement in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionCDI Spaces Implementing PRT with Children with Autism Pre-recorded SessionAngele Fournier Indigenous Storytelling: Representation and Truth Pre-recorded SessionSarain Fox Keynote Pre-recorded SessionGerry Brooks Regulating Emotions in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionSue Huff Stories from a Self-Paced Classroom Pre-recorded SessionColin Veldkamp Teaching English Language Learners Online: An Online Unit Exemplar Pre-recorded SessionPaulina Nowak • Stasi Itterman Top Five Strategies to Support English Language Learners Pre-recorded SessionLuisa Zimich • Lisa Smith Understanding Gifted/Twice Exceptional Learners Pre-recorded SessionKristy Dunn Using Cultural Intelligence in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionMaria Dumitrescu Test Anxiety Protocol Pre-recorded SessionVincent Mireau Teaching for Play When Kids Are Learning At Home Pre-recorded SessionVincent Mireau Safe Spaces & Healthy Boundaries Pre-recorded SessionRin Lawrence Teens: When You Get Them, You've Got Them. Pre-recorded SessionTerence Houlihan Authentically Metis: Moving Digital Stories From Communities to Classrooms Pre-recorded SessionYvonne Poitras Pratt • Lisa Cruickshank • Billie-Jo Grant Exploring Authentic Métis Resources Pre-recorded SessionLisa Cruickshank • Billie-Jo Grant Exploring Sustainability Through An Indigenous Lens: Getting Started with Elementary Students Pre-recorded SessionMarie Tremblay From The Ashes Pre-recorded SessionJesse Thistle Trauma Informed & Indigenous Ways of Knowing Art Lessons Pre-recorded SessionAngela Hall nehiyaw Trauma Informed Practices in Education Pre-recorded SessionTerri Suntjens • Amber Dion Métis History & Identity (More than Mixed) Pre-recorded SessionLisa Cruickshank • Billie-Jo Grant Traditional Tea Making Pre-recorded SessionCarrie Armstrong An Exceptional Night-In with Lucy Darling Pre-recorded SessionCarisa Hendrix Everyday Resiliency in Ever-Changing Times Pre-recorded SessionDr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Explorations in Excellence Pre-recorded SessionJill Heinerth From space to your classroom Pre-recorded SessionColonel Jeremy Hansen Grit, Resilience, and Taking Action Amid the COVID Storm Pre-recorded SessionBruce Kirkby Indigenous Girls in Education: Three Programs Pre-recorded SessionDr. Dustin Louie School Climate Pre-recorded SessionGerry Brooks Sparking Students' Imaginations Pre-recorded SessionDr. Danny Brassell The Reading Breakthrough Pre-recorded SessionDr. Danny Brassell The Vitality Spectrum: Moving the Needle on Mental Wellness Pre-recorded SessionMargo Talbot A Data Driven Approach to Teaching Literacy Pre-recorded SessionBryan Allen • Kenny Yeung • Lisa Taylor • Nathan Bane BLAST: A Multi-Grade Literacy Intervention Pre-recorded SessionNancy MacLellan Comics and Graphic Novels for Adolescent Readers Pre-recorded SessionDavid Lewkowich Comics and Language Arts Pre-recorded SessionDavid Lewkowich Creative Writing to Cope with Stress and Build Resiliency Pre-recorded SessionAlexis Marie Chute Creatively Approaching Shakespeare 1.0 Pre-recorded SessionBill Jacobsen Creatively Approaching Shakespeare 2.0 Pre-recorded SessionBill Jacobsen How to Get Your Students Writing Pre-recorded SessionRobin E Pawlak How to Make the Most of Story Prompts Pre-recorded SessionMarty Chan How to Use Folktales to Teach Narrative Pre-recorded SessionMarty Chan Introduction to SWI Pre-recorded SessionAmber Cahill Leveraging Feedback to Improve Student Writing Pre-recorded SessionKaren Filewych • Erin Hart Literacy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Fun with Words in the Outdoors Pre-recorded SessionKathy Worobec Making a Matrix Pre-recorded SessionAmber Cahill Poetry Expedition Workshop Pre-recorded SessionBrigitta Goerres - Edu-Best Educational Resources Teaching Reading Comprehension Success – Identify and Interpret Ideas and Details Skill Building Pre-recorded SessionBrigitta Goerres - Edu-Best Educational Resources Using Reader's Theatre and Choral Speech in Skill Building Pre-recorded SessionBill Jacobsen Vivid Creative Writing: A Roadmap to Crafting Original Stories Pre-recorded SessionRiley Quinn Reading Comics with a Numeracy Mindset Pre-recorded SessionDavid Lewkowich Teaching Students to Write Cool Characters, Superheroes, and Themselves Pre-recorded SessionAlexis Marie Chute Using Visual Journals in the Elementary Classroom Pre-recorded SessionCassandra Christen Writing that Stirs the Heart Pre-recorded SessionAlexis Marie Chute Year Planning in ELA by Theme Pre-recorded SessionAndi Molloy Words Matter: Word Study in Grades 4-6 Pre-recorded SessionKaren Filewych Speak Up Pre-recorded SessionMiranda Krogstad What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around Pre-recorded SessionRobin E Pawlak Writing 101 Pre-recorded SessionRobin E Pawlak Making Learning Visible: Photographing and Co-Creating Learning Stories Pre-recorded SessionKristy Wolfe Making Learning Visible: Student Photo Books Pre-recorded SessionKristy Wolfe The Importance of Ethics in Data Science: The Human Aspect of Computational Thinking Pre-recorded SessionVerena Roberts Using A.I. for Character Analysis in English Language Arts Pre-recorded SessionDavid Hay Creating Pathways of Hope: Developing Life Promoting Cultures Within School Systems Pre-recorded SessionKim Tackaberry • Charlie Kraig Envisioning Collaborative Response: Supporting All students Pre-recorded SessionKurtis Hewson Intellectual Humility in the Classroom Pre-recorded SessionKeith Hall Leading Connection Pre-recorded SessionShelley Smith • Meaghan Reist Teaching Empathy: Why “the Other Side of the report card” is a Must for Our Pandemic Student Success Pre-recorded SessionDr. Michele Borba Vulnerable children, struggling families, and working with Child Family Services Pre-recorded SessionAynsley Graham • Alacia Barteski All Hands on Deck: Upper Elementary Math Games Using Cards Pre-recorded SessionJohn Felling Boosting Student Confidence by Building Number Sense in Math (Div.1) Pre-recorded SessionJUMP Math • Rebecca Robins Connecting the Dots - Primary Domino Math Games Pre-recorded SessionJane Felling La résolution de problèmes, est-ce un problème? 1ère à 3e année Pre-recorded SessionRenée Michaud La résolution de problèmes, est-ce un problème? 4e à 6e année Pre-recorded SessionRenée Michaud Les routines en maths - Quoi et pourquoi? 1ère à 6e année Pre-recorded SessionRenée Michaud Let Us Depart: A Perspective Shift in the Math Classroom Pre-recorded SessionOmari Lewis Linking the Learning - Domino Math Games for School and Virtual Teaching Pre-recorded SessionJohn Felling Mathletics as an Instructional Tool, Div 1,2 Pre-recorded SessionFran Jensen Maximiser l’usage d’objets de manipulation - 1ère à 3e année Pre-recorded SessionRenée Michaud Numeracy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Exploring Math Concepts Through Fun Outdoor Activities Pre-recorded SessionKathy Worobec Math Facts Made Easy: Brain Codes Pre-recorded SessionDarren Michalczuk Re-Imagining Jr High Math Units by Training Student Thought Patterns Pre-recorded SessionPaul Marlett Primary Math Shakers Pre-recorded SessionJane Felling Solitaire Math Games - Upper Elementary Favorites for Engaged Practice Pre-recorded SessionJohn Felling Solitaire Math Games For Primary Students - Favorites for Engaged Practice Pre-recorded SessionJane Felling Upper Elementary Math Centers to Differentiate Instruction Pre-recorded SessionJohn Felling Upper Elementary Math Shaker Activities Pre-recorded SessionJohn Felling ZOOM Into An Elementary Family Math Games Night Pre-recorded SessionJane Felling Teaching Statistics in Math and Science with Code Pre-recorded SessionMichael Lamoureux • Byron Chu Students Communicating Learning in Math in Multiple Ways Pre-recorded SessionDavid Hay Atelier en directe de musique et de rythme avec des instruments maison. Aucune expérience nécessaire Pre-recorded SessionLouise Raymond Beginner Guitar Pedagogy: How to Start Young Players Correctly Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Arvay Best "Bang For Your Buck" Songs Pre-recorded SessionJoyce Holoboff Fun with Music 'n Yoga Adventure: Kenya, Africa Pre-recorded SessionAllison Tipler Help! I Have to Teach K-3 Music Pre-recorded SessionJoyce Holoboff Live Virtual Musical and Rhythm Workshop with “Home-Grown” Instruments - No experience Required Pre-recorded SessionLouise Raymond Rocking Music Reading Pre-recorded SessionJoyce Holoboff Estudio…starting intermediate guitar students on the classical guitar Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Arvay Rock Band Class? Pop music education for the 21st century learner Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Arvay HIGH FIVE in Schools Pre-recorded SessionAlberta Recreation and Parks Association Zumba Fun Pre-recorded SessionPeng Wu Teaching Health and Phys Ed? We’re here to help! Pre-recorded SessionEver Active Schools • Health and Physical Education Council A Flat Earth, Dinosaurs, and the Divine: Can Religion and Science Get Along? Pre-recorded SessionDr. Gerard McLarney And The Hits Keep Coming! Explorations in Narrative Theology Pre-recorded SessionChristopher Poulsen The Dark Side of the Force and the Problem of Evil Pre-recorded SessionDr. Gerard McLarney The Lion, the Witch, and the Teacher: The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis Pre-recorded SessionDr. Gerard McLarney The Psalms, Air Pods, and God Pre-recorded SessionDr. Gerard McLarney Action Begets Hope! Unpacking and Tackling Climate Change with Secondary Students Pre-recorded SessionMarie Tremblay Agriculture Education for the Next Generation of Stewards Pre-recorded SessionJulie Fisher Better Together - Cross-Curricular Project Based Learning in Junior High Pre-recorded SessionJulie Arsenault Dissection: Current Trends and Alternatives Pre-recorded SessionMelissa Logan Forest Findings: Grow Forest Education in Your Classroom Pre-recorded Session Indigenous Knowledge in NWT and Alberta Science Classrooms (Grades 10-12) Pre-recorded SessionCarrie Karsgaard • Alexandria Catholique • Makenzie MacKay Indigenous Knowledge in NWT and Alberta Science Classrooms (Grades 7-8) Pre-recorded SessionCarrie Karsgaard • Alexandria Catholique • Makenzie MacKay Innovative Science Demo Activities - Maki(Ng) Science Big (Fun)! Pre-recorded SessionMichael Ng Learning Through the Senses in the Concept-Based Science Classroom Pre-recorded SessionNancy Bromley Let Us Depart: A Perspective Shift in the Science Classroom Pre-recorded SessionOmari Lewis Let's Get Climate Active! - Engaging Elementary Students in Climate Education and Action Pre-recorded SessionMarie Tremblay Maki(Ng) Green Science Fun, Safe and Not Safe! (Div 3 & 4) Pre-recorded SessionMichael Ng Speeding, Braking and the Science of Road Safety Pre-recorded SessionAaron Kowalchuk Schooled By COVID: Lessons for the Science Classroom Pre-recorded SessionReuben Mahaffy Myths and Misconceptions in Science Pre-recorded SessionIan Doktor The Science of the Flat Earth Pre-recorded SessionIan Doktor Veggie Growing in Winter – Little Green Thumbs Pre-recorded SessionClaudia Bolli Preparing Students for Their Energy Future Pre-recorded SessionKathy Worobec Space for Science Pre-recorded SessionIan Doktor • Kerry Rose 110 Years in Alberta – Black History is Canadian History Pre-recorded SessionDeborah Beaver • Patricia Darbasie • Dr. Jennifer Kelly Effectively ‘Teaching’ Writing for Social Studies Pre-recorded SessionMark Driedger History Tellers / Conteurs d'Histoire - Canadian history in 90 seconds! Pre-recorded SessionDeb Kobza Holocaust Studies- A New LDC! Pre-recorded SessionLindsaykate Anderson How to Teach Controversial Energy or Environmental Issues in Your Classroom Pre-recorded SessionMarie Tremblay Students Love My Grade 6-8 Social Studies Projects Pre-recorded SessionPaul Bohnert 'We Are The Roots' Pre-recorded SessionDeborah Dobbins Overarching Activities for Social Studies 9, 10 and 20 Pre-recorded SessionJennifer Williams Teaching Social Studies Using the Flipped Classroom Pre-recorded SessionJennifer Williams Expanding Students' Worldview with Data Science in Social Studies Pre-recorded SessionDavid Hay How to Teach Family History and Genealogy in a Grade 4-12 Classroom! Pre-recorded SessionAngela Boyes Resisting Evil: Teaching about Radical Change Pre-recorded SessionCathryn van Kessel The Canadian Arctic - What it Can Teach Us About Life and Adaptation to Change Pre-recorded SessionRobert Feagan Using Stories to Bring History To Life Pre-recorded SessionMichelle Holdway Waves of Innovation and World Challenges Impacting Education Today Pre-recorded SessionPaul Bohnert Engaging Students Online Pre-recorded SessionErin MacAlpine Finding, Capturing and Creating Digital Media for Teaching Pre-recorded SessionKatherine Giroux Putting the T in STEM - Incorporating Technology in the Science Classroom Pre-recorded SessionJulie Arsenault Teaching and Learning with Minecraft: Education Edition Pre-recorded SessionDexter Pizzey Time-Saving Tips for Online Teachers Pre-recorded SessionErin MacAlpine Games and Movement as Tools for Learning Pre-recorded SessionRick Wormeli Serious Play: Building Your Social Emotional Learning Toolbox (Div. 1) Pre-recorded SessionSheldon Franken Recording of Live Session: ATRF Your Pension Matters Pre-recorded SessionATRF Pension Counsellor • Lorraine Wirzba Relax, renew and refocus with Yoga Nidra. All you have to do is lie there. Pre-recorded SessionSusan Agrios

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